How to Get Early NPIXEL and METAPIXEL Alpha

The next big thing in web3 gaming is coming!

DH Suh
2 min readNov 11, 2022

Hi all!

As METAPIXEL’s Community Lead, I’m super excited at what’s just around the corner for us and can’t wait to reveal it all publicly.

If you want to be early and be the first to be informed about the premier web3 gaming ecosystem, built by NPIXEL and powered by a soon-to-be revealed mainnet we have signed a partnership with, you should do the following:

Follow METAPIXEL on Twitter: METAPIXEL (@Metapixel) / Twitter
Follow METAPIXEL on Medium:
Follow me on Twitter:
suh (@suhtlety) / Twitter

There’s a ton of exciting information that’s going to be revealed very, very soon on these platforms so follow and keep an eye out!


Bringing together web2 expertise with web3 ethos, NPIXEL will be building the METAPIXEL web3 gaming ecosystem. NPIXEL now has over 550 employees and achieved unicorn status ($1 billion+ USD valuation) in 2021.

NPIXEL’s flagship IP is Gran Saga, which started with a smash-hit cross-platform MMO launched in 2021. Gran Saga achieved the #1 downloaded title in Korea and Japan, as well as acheiving the #1 grossing title in Korea and #7 grossing title in Japan.

NPIXEL has the experience, resources and track record to successfully build top-class games and lead web3 gaming. METAPIXEL is coming, get ready!




DH Suh

Community at NPIXEL's web3 gaming platform METAPIXEL. Formerly PlayDapp. Follow on: